Ohio Car Insurance Coverage


Meet the Car Insurance for Generation Now.

Ohio, it’s been said that all roads lead to you. After all, about half the country’s population lives within a 500-mile radius of the state. You’re the birthplace of aviation, rock and roll, Superman, and even the first insurance policy ever sold. You do things your own way, and you’re always blazing your own trails: why should you get insurance that’s stuck in the last century and not taking how you actually drive into account? Because in a digital age where it’s possible to know exactly how every person drives, it’s possible to also provide insurance for people who drive safely and thoughtfully... and with better premiums. At Novo, we want to make the roads safer for us all, offering real time route and safety recommendations, helpful driving tips, and cool rewards. We'll help you navigate state requirements, coverage options, and available discounts.


If you buy the minimum auto insurance coverage required in Ohio, you can expect to pay an average annual premium of $366. Of course, many drivers opt to have insurance with more coverage in case of an accident and some drivers live in more expensive Ohio cities or have differing credit tiers; the average annual premium across the state is about $1,037 — which is about 27 percent lower than the national average. Ohio has its own unique driver laws on the books. Running out of gas in Youngstown is actually a misdemeanor (as well as a major inconvenience and potential safety hazard). And don’t get caught driving a toy car in Canton; this ride’s officially been banned from being used on city streets (also not good to try to insure these kinds of Power Wheels vehicles, or the young kids usually driving them). Distracted driving fatalities and violations are on the rise in Ohio, as well as the entire country. Don’t get caught holding your cell phone or it’ll cost you. Ohio’s top Roadside Attractions include the World’s Largest Picnic Basket (a building that was once the corporate headquarters of... you guessed it, a basket company), an outdoor art installation of giant corn cobs (dubbed “Cornhenge), and of course Cleveland's own A Christmas Story house from the famed movie (they even have tours of the iconic home).

Required Ohio vehicle insurance coverages:

Each state has its own requirements and limitations when it comes to car insurance coverage. In the Buckeye State, it’s mandatory for all drivers to carry liability insurance.

Minimum Ohio auto insurance requirements include these liability coverage limits:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage for each person: $25,000.

  • Bodily injury liability coverage for the entire accident: $50,000.

  • Property damage liability coverage for the entire accident: $25,000.


Some of the discounts we offer in Ohio:

Online Quote Discount

Not only is receiving your quote online easy, but policies that originated from an Internet quote are granted our Online Quote Discount.

Multi‐Car Discount

A multi-car indicator applies if there is more than one motor vehicle on the policy.

Paperless Discount

A policy is deemed to be Paid in Full (PIF) if the named insured chooses a 1-pay bill plan. Instead of making monthly payments, you can pay your entire premium all at once. Sometimes it’s beneficial to your wallet to do today what you could otherwise wait to pay off tomorrow. And as an extra bonus, you could save money on potential fees you might incur if you forget to pay your bills on time (you know if this applies to you). To learn about all our discounts (including student discounts, homeowners discounts, paid in full discounts, and more) call our Customer Service Team at 866-862-7757