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Understanding how and why we use your information should be just as easy. Our Terms of Use and Policies provide the latest information about the data we collect and how we use it.



These Novo Drive Program Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”), together with the Novo Insurance Privacy Policy, Telematics Policy, and Terms of Use shall govern participation in the Novo Drive program by you (“You” or “Your”) and Your eligible household members insured on Your policy (“Participants”). The program utilizes a mobile phone-based driver scoring model to assess crash risk and assign a driving score based on how You and Your Participants drive and the driving score is used, among other factors, to determine Your insurance premium (the “Program”).  Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. By participating in the Novo Drive Program, You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in these Terms. If You do not agree to these terms and conditions, then You are not entitled to participate in the Program. Novo Insurance, LLC (“Novo”) reserves the right to amend, waive, modify or supplement these Terms at any time. If we significantly change these Terms, we will inform You of such change. The current version of these Terms is available here. Your continued participation in the Program will constitute Your acceptance of the modified terms and conditions.



The Program allows You to potentially save money on Your insurance premium based on Your and Participant’s actual driving habits. The Novo App (as defined below), will collect telematics data from You and Participants to create a driver score which may result in a reduced rate or an increased rate being applied to Your insurance policy. During the first policy period in which You participate in the Program, You will receive a participation discount on Your insurance policy based on the number of active Participants on Your policy. A participation discount will only be applied once per vehicle.

During Your participation in the Program, the Novo App will provide You with actionable insights into Your driving behavior. You will be able to review your driving behavior and receive tips on how to improve Your driving score.



The Program is open to new and renewing Novo policyholders at the time of initial policy purchase or at renewal of policy. A policyholder may not join the Program during a policy term. Only rated drivers are eligible to participate in the Program and permit drivers are not rated drivers. To participate in the Program, You and each Participant must: (a) Download the Novo mobile phone application using an eligible iPhone® or Android® mobile phone (the “Novo App”) and sign in using your credentials (including using the same email address which was provided when the policy was purchased by You or the policyholder); (b) Accept these Terms and the Privacy Policy, Telematics Policy, and Terms of Use; (c) Enable location sharing, motion detection and phone (Android® only) permissions within the Novo App; and (d) Meet the minimum Novo Drive Program requirements as described herein. During Your participation in the Program, You and Participants are required to drive a minimum number of trips during a ninety-one (91) day period in which telematics data will be collected from You and Participants for Novo to determine a driver score for You and Participants (“Minimum Scoring Data”). Upon each policy renewal, if You and Participants have satisfied the Minimum Scoring Data requirements, Your insurance policy may result in a reduced rate or an increased rate based on the driving score collected for You and each Participant.

The Program is offered on an optional “opt in” basis and You may discontinue Your participation in the Program at any time, but please be aware that discontinuing Your participation may result in an adjustment to Your policy premium. Please see further information in Section 6 below on how to discontinue Your participation in the Program.



When You elect to participate in the Program, You agree to: (a) enable the Novo App at the beginning of each driving trip You make; (b) properly categorize Your journey (e.g. by properly selecting if you are the driver or a passenger or if You are traveling by car or bicycle); (c) not engage in a pattern of disabling the Novo App to avoid the recordation of driving behavior; and (d) preserve all driving data if You are in an accident as such data may be subject to a lawful subpoena from the insurance carrier or legal representative, other parties involved in the accident, their insurance carriers and legal representatives. You will be allowed to correct improperly recorded journeys for a limited time following completion of a journey within the Novo App. Please note that if You improperly recategorize too many journeys You may be removed from the Program. If You do not initiate collection of Data (as defined in Section 5 below) via the Novo App within forty-five (45) days following Program enrollment, Your policy will be withdrawn from the Program and the initial participation discount applied to Your policy will be removed.

Data collection, data quality and/or data transmission issues may prevent Novo from obtaining sufficient Data to price Your renewal policy based on Your driving behavior.



While You are participating in the Program, the following data is collected by the Novo App (the below is collectively referred to as “Data”):

  • GPS location coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude)

  • Mobile phone state to assess usage while driving

  • Date and time of day

  • GPS Probe data including speed, heading, timestamp

  • Phone permissions

  • User activity (Android only)

  • Motion and fitness (iOS only)

Novo will additionally derive information, such as trip duration, rates of acceleration and braking from GPS location, date, time and speed Data.

Based on the collection of the Data, Novo derives a risk variable for each of these categories:

  • Hard braking

  • Excessive speed

  • Phone motion (including phone screen tapping)

  • Percentage of time spent on primary, secondary and tertiary roads.

The risk variables are used by Novo to derive a driver score. Each of Your driver scores during the policy term will be aggregated and averaged to determine a Program tier. The Program tier will be used to determine the rate that will be applied to Your policy renewal. Similarly, Participants’ scores during Your policy term will be aggregated and averages to determine a Program tier to be applied when determining insurance pricing for each Participant at policy renewal.



Participation in the Program is strictly voluntary. You may withdraw from the Program at any time by contacting Novo’s Customer Service Representatives at 1-866-862-7757. Additionally, if You “opt out” of location and motion sharing via the Novo App, Novo will stop collecting data from You. If You “opt out” of the Program before Minimum Scoring Data has been collected, You will not be eligible for telematics-based insurance pricing on Your current and/or renewal policies from Novo and may have Your insurance rate adjusted. Please note that if You, as the primary insured on a policy, “opt out” of the Program, all Participants will automatically be “opted out” of the Program. You will be automatically removed from the Program if You do not initiate Data collection through the Novo App within forty-five (45) days following Your enrollment in the Program. Additionally, Novo may remove You from the Program if You excessively re-categorize journeys via the Novo App.



Novo reserves the right to amend, waive, modify, or supplement the terms of the Program at any time for any reason. If Novo significantly changes the Program, we will inform You of such change.

Novo retains the right to update our application of driver scoring criteria and our interpretation of the driver score over time based on factors Novo files with Your state’s department of insurance. These updated scoring criteria will be used to make underwriting decisions and provide Your insurance rate at renewal.



The Program is designed to encourage You to drive safely. Therefore, please do not interact with the Novo App while Your vehicle is in motion. Additionally, please obey all traffic laws and regulations.



During Your participation in the Program, Novo may send You Program information and/or reminders via the Novo App or by email. In addition, Novo may contact You by phone periodically about the Program.



Protecting Your privacy is very important to us. Novo takes our obligation to safeguard and secure Your personal information very seriously. Along with our technology partners, we follow strict data security and privacy protocols to protect Your information and will not disclose information except as described herein and as described in the Privacy Policy and Telematics Policy. You may contact Novo with Your privacy questions at privacy@novo.us.