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General Questions


You can go online at to get a quote or you can contact us and one of our amazing Customer Service Reps will guide you. You can also write to and we will contact you.


Auto policies can't be canceled online, but you may cancel your policy over the phone at 1-866-862-7757, by mail, or via email at .

Will getting a quote affect my credit score?

No, it won't affect your credit score. It is a "soft pull.”


The Novo app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. For the best experience, you may need to download the latest software update to your phone.

Can I pay my bill online?

You can always pay online by downloading the Novo app to your smartphone.

Auto Insurance

What factors impact the price of an auto insurance policy?

A lot of different factors influence a driver’s rate, including vehicle type, driving history, claims history, coverages, and deductibles selected, and many others. We may also consider all the cars in your household as well as the driving records of all household members, your insurance histories, previous claims, and more.

How do I know what my policy covers?

Our policies are customized for you. For more information about your policy, you can review the details about your policy and current coverage from your online account, or through your app.

You can also contact us if you want to make any changes to your policy .

How do I know if I chose the right coverage?

During your quote, you won't be able to select auto insurance coverages that don't apply to you in your state. If you're unsure about what optional coverages to select, use the chat button with a licensed insurance representative. If you're getting a quote by phone, feel free to ask questions throughout the quoting process.

Can I add or remove coverages before purchase or mid-term?

Before purchasing a policy, you’ll be able to adjust the coverages you need as well as choose the deductibles that work for you for each coverage. After you buy a policy, you’ll be able to make changes by contacting us

What are some of the discounts that Novo offers?

Novo offers a variety of competitive discounts covering Paid In Full, Good Student Discount, Distant Student Discount, Paperless Discount, E-Signature Discount, Online Quote Discount , Safe Driver Discount, Smart Technology Discount. To get a full understanding of all your discounts provided within your policy, log into your account through your app and view your policy documents. Additionally, contact our amazing customer service reps to clarify.

What is a Paid In Full Discount?

Tired of remembering when the next payment is due? Novo offers the ability to Pay in Full before purchase. For payment methods using automatic card payments, a Paid in Full discount is applied to the new business or renewal term if the named insured chooses a 1-pay bill plan. If you select Pay in Full, the 6-month premium will be charged to your selected payment method in a single transaction at the start of the policy term.

Novo Drive

What is Novo Drive – Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) 

Typically, car insurance rates are based on a variety of factors related to your driving history. Novo Drive personalizes your insurance rate based on your actual driving behavior. The Novo Drive ("UBI") program utilizes technology to obtain driving information including, but not limited to the time of day, speed at which the vehicle is operated, and mobile phone use. Driving information may be collected and provided to Novo through Novo's mobile app. At renewal, the rates provided in their insurance quote will take into account the driver’s driving behavior based on information collected during the prior 6-month period.

What is the Novo Drive Participation Discount?

Currently, consumers purchasing auto insurance can choose to participate in our Novo Drive (“UBI”) program. Consumers who participate in this program agree to share information about their driving behavior with Novo in exchange for receiving a “New Business Participation Discount”. At renewal, the rates provided in their insurance quote will take into account the driver’s driving behavior based on information collected during the prior 6 month period.

How do I know I am eligible?

To be eligible to participate in the Novo Drive UBI program, the insured must:  1. provide a valid email address;  2. meet any vehicle technology and communication technology requirements; and  3. meet other eligibility requirements as required by Novo guidelines. 

What actual data are you collecting?

The following data is gathered via the Novo App as you drive:

  • GPS location coordinates (latitude, longitude, altitude)

  • Mobile phone state to assess usage while driving

  • GPS Probe data including speed, heading, timestamp

  • Phone permissions

  • User activity (Android only)

  • Motion and fitness (iOS only) Based on the collection of the above-listed information, Novo derives a risk variable for each of these categories:

  • Hard braking

  • Excessive speed

  • Phone motion (including phone screen tapping)

  • Percentage of time spent on primary, secondary and tertiary roads.

What factors are used to measure my driving habits?

See above.

Why do you need my location?

We use your location to match your driving trips to maps for context and clarity. Driving 65 mph on the highway could be a safe speed and merit a reward or discount, while we do not want to reward those people driving 65 mph through their neighborhood.

What happens when I opt-in to Novo Drive

Yes, you can. The primary insured may opt out of the program anytime during the tenure of the policy.

How do I know how I am doing?

Look for regular messages within the app and also email updates showing your progress during the Novo Drive program. You can also log in to your app at any time to see how you're doing.

How does it work for multiple vehicles or drivers?

Each driver on the policy downloads the mobile app on their smartphone. If two drivers from the household are in a car together (for example, husband and wife), the mobile app should be able to determine who is the driver and only collect trip data for that person. However, in the instance that the phone app registers the trip for both individuals, we provide the opportunity, in the app, to correct the trip information.

Does the app have to always be running in the background?

Yes. As long as the app is installed on your phone and your phone is on during trips, it collects your driving data

What happens if my trip type is incorrect?

If you notice that we miscategorized a trip, you have an opportunity in the app to correct it.

Mobile App

What phones is the app compatible with?

The Novo app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. For the best experience, you may need to download the latest software update to your phone.”

Where can I download the mobile app?

You can find the Novo app on the App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Android devices). The app is available for the vast majority of our customers, but it may not be available for older devices/phones or operating-system versions.

Why do I need to download the mobile app?

The Novo App gives you quick access to your policy documents, your billing history, and support via the chat button. This way we are always by your side.

How do I set up an account to use the app?

If you do not already have an online Novo account, then you can get started by tapping Create Account on the login screen of the app. Then, create a User ID and password (this will then work on both our app and website).

If you already have an online account, then you can use the same account credentials for our app.

How do I recover my username or password?

On the Login Page select Forgot Username/Password. Follow the prompted steps to recover your username.

How do I view my statement and billing history?

After you login, on the homepage, you will see your billing history, payment method, and past payment history.


How can I monitor my claims status?

You can contact our claims team or write at and the first available team member can provide an update.

How do I file a claim?

You can file a claim by contact us   or email us at  either through the Novo App or through your browser.

Will my rates go up if I file a claim?

Every policy is unique and personalized, it will be different for each customer and each claim. Contact us if you have any specific questions.